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When your friend or family member has been jailed, you need a bail bond agency that is both experienced and effective. With Kwik Out Bail Bonds, you get the best of both worlds!  We understand the court system and can give sound advice.

We can look up active warrants and help you avoid the humiliation of a jail stay by assisting you with a “walk-through.”  A walk-through means that we assist you in self-surrender while posting a bail bond at the same time, thus avoiding a jail stay by facilitating an immediate release.

Don’t be fooled by hiring a jail release attorney!  There are a lot of good attorneys in Austin, but jail release attorneys sometimes are interested in only getting you out of jail, have hidden fees, and they typically have so many clients that they can’t give you adequate representation.  An attorney is permitted by law to assist in getting an inmate a personal bond only for a client that has retained that attorney.  When you pay an attorney for a personal bond you are hiring that attorney to represent you on the case.  If you get out on personal bond, you might be signing up for expensive classes, risk the county revoking your bond in the advent of a new charge, and a personal bond depends on the signature of a judge and therefore delaying release.  A judge can deny a personal bond and the attorney may not refund your money.   Hiring a jail release attorney also waives your right to a court appointed attorney.

Red Flags To Look For :

  • If an attorney does not have you sign a contract of representation that specifies exactly what you are being charged for.
  • The attorney fails to give you a receipt for money exchanged.
  • The attorney is not accessible or avoids your calls.

Our staff is professional and honest, so if you need sound advice, please contact us!  Our goal is to give you the best service possible.