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Used by law enforcement and granted by a judge or prosecutor, an arrest warrant is used to detain a person who is suspected of criminal activity.  The warrant document states the who, what, and why of the suspected crime.  There are several types of warrants, but the commonly issued warrants are bench and arrest. Arrest warrants deal with actual criminal activity such as a misdemeanor or a felony.   A bench warrant is not connected to a crime dealing with a person’s failure to show up for their court hearing.

Most aren’t even aware they have a warrant for their arrest until they are being hired by a company and get a background check or updating a driver’s license.  Commonly found out, during a traffic stop.  If you have an arrest warrant out on you, police can detain you at any point and any time, except in your private home.

Arrest warrants have to do with criminal activity as either a misdemeanor or a felony.  They never expire and remain valid until they are dealt with. Once the suspect has been arrested, the warrant can be closed.

It is always best to handle such situations like outstanding warrants as soon as possible. If the court or law enforcement has issued a warrant for your arrest, you will likely be sent to jail. The decisions and actions that you take from this point on are crucial in how you spend your time until your trial date.  A bail bondsman can be of service by helping you to make informed decisions and providing you with guidance to deal with the process ahead.