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What Should I Do If I Have an Outstanding Misdemeanor Warrant for My Arrest?

If you know that you have a misdemeanor warrant outstanding, stop worrying and take action right away. There is no need to live in fear of public arrest!  We can help you set up and satisfy a walkthrough bond. We will work quickly to get the warrant taken care of if possible.

A misdemeanor warrant requires law enforcement to arrest you if probable cause exists that you’ve committed a crime in one of the following categories:

Possession of Marijuana

Criminal Mischief


Theft or Theft by Check

Assault or Assault Involving Family Violence

If you’re innocent of the crime, go to trial with your lawyer who will be able to present proof of your innocence through accumulated evidence. Contacting law enforcement before they contact you will aid in your defense. Call us to find out the next best steps in your unique case.

Avoid public arrest and minimize the amount of time you spend in jail. With a warrant walkthrough, you will be able to arrange for bail prior to speaking with authorities and quickly cancel your warrant and receive a new trial date.  Depending on the charge, you might not have to spend any time in jail.  Call today to stop living under the threat of arrest today!